Preserving a Legacy
Preserving a Legacy
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Welcome to the Shop at the End of the Street

Just like Edgar Miller's own Towertown gallery and shop called The House at the End of the Street, Edgar Miller Legacy brings you delightful works of whimsy and beauty, all designed or inspired by Edgar Miller. Come inside "where there are things that their like you may not have seen before..." Click here to enter!

About Edgar Miller Legacy

Edgar Miller Legacy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization developed by a group of admirers of Miller's work who have worked for many decades to preserve his art and the "handmade homes" he created in Chicago. The goals of our organization are to preserve and promote Miller as an overlooked artistic genius, encourage study and research of his life and body of work, act as a resource for educational institutions and organizations, and to provide inspirational experiences within Miller-designed spaces. 100% of the proceeds from the shop go to Edgar Miller Legacy.